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Regular dental cleanings and oral examinations are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Many other health concerns can be detected during dental checkups. People that have a fully insured dental plan are twice as likely to go in for preventive care for their teeth and gums.

Most dental plans cover an exam with 2 bitewing xrays and a teeth cleaning at no cost to the insured every 6 months. There are 4 types of categories of dental services:

  1. Preventive No cost and no deductible to be met (exam, cleaning, xrays)
  2. Basic Extractions (removal of teeth) are common basic procedures. 80% after once a year deductible is met
  3. Major Crowns and caps are considered major care – these are dental fittings, shaped like a tooth to cover a tooth above the gumline. If a tooth is too severely worn down or broken, (due to accidents or even poor care) it may require fitting a crown. A bridge basically fills in the place where there are missing teeth between two crowns. Full and partial dentures are false teeth which replace missing teeth. These are all major procedures which may only be covered up to 50% your dental plan
  4. Orthodontics Braces for children under age 18 are typically covered at 50% after the deductible is met. Adult orthodontia is generally not covered on either a group or individual dental plan.

50% and 80% may not seem like a lot of coverage at first glance, but insurance carriers offer network discounts that make these services very affordable. For example, a crown can cost $1000 without insurance. However, with many dental plans, that same crown, with the network discount, becomes about $500 or $600. That makes your 50% much less with your dental plan than without a plan. Lastly, dental plans have an annual maximum that they will pay per year. It is typically $1,000 for individual plans and can be up to $2,000 for group plans. The network discounts give the insured much more coverage for each dollar.

Employee Benefits Nashville takes the guessing game out of buying a dental policy.   We will suggest the best dental plan for your needs and provide a thorough analysis of your options. Many dental discount plans are advertised on tv and through other media. The monthly cost is very low-sometimes as low as $4.00 per month. However, these are not insurance plans. They are only discount plans. EBN only offers true insured plans that will fully cover you and your family’s needs.


Eyes are windows to your overall health.

Vision exams are just as important to our overall health as dental exams.

The eyes can tell you about cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health conditions.

One in four children has a vision problem that can interfere with learning and behavior.

Vision Exam

Once a year

TIP: Schedule around the beginning of the school year to give your child a healthy start.


Even if you have had laser vision surgery or have naturally good vision, you still need an annual exam.


As we age, we’re more susceptible to cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

People with Diabetes

Diabetes is the third leading cause of blindness in the United States. And most diabetes-related blindness can be prevented by an annual eye exam.

Many insureds want a vision plan that will cover the costs of luxury frames, sunglasses and more. The purpose of vision insurance is to assist with the major costs of eye care. The focus of vision insurance includes: an annual exam, basic frames and lenses, and assistance with the cost of contact lenses. Vision plans have dollar allowances for frames, lenses, coatings, and contact lenses.   Like dental insurance, regular vision exams promote overall health and wellness and help with early detection of disease.